The Story behind Holy

A Story to tell, A Holy Bag to Wear

Designed and handcrafted in Greece, The Holy Bag and The Holy Sandals are here to bring glamour, sustainable luxury and timelessness to your style. Our creations are elegant and of the finest quality, yet functional and affordable.

Our aim is to design pieces that are modern and not affected by time. Small treasures that will make the women wearing them feel holy amazing!

All items are designed by Antonia Skandalari, founder of the brand. Antonia studied fashion design and worked as a stylist and fashion director in various magazines and undertook numerous campaigns for major brands in Greece and abroad.

All our bags and sandals are handcrafted in Athens, Greece by local craftsmen with the utmost attention to the tiniest detail. In every Holy Bag and Holy Sandals collection we capture our modern creative spirit. We work with natural materials, timeless forms and unique patterns to deliver a beautiful item in your hands.

We hope you enjoy our collections and embrace our vision: To offer you a stylish bag and an elegant pair of sandals that will enhance your style and uplift your mood every single day.